A Simple Step By Step Guideline To Create And Publish Your Ebooks For Kindle

Do you wish to make ebooks? You can use a program called Sigil. Sigil is an open source application that can be downloaded from the Internet at no cost. You can use Sigil to make ebooks which can be read by the Kindle.

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Creating and publishing free ebooks for kindle is challenging work. However, you may publish your own e-books to be read by Kindle made by Amazon. This information will show you the ways on how to use the Sigil application in making ebooks for Kindle.

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The very first thing you must do is opening a document using a word processor program and save it using HTML extensions. Then start an internet browser, download the Sigil application and set up the program into your computer. Then open up the HTML file you just saved using the Sigil software. After that you could save the document using epub extension. Now you have electronic-book in epub extension that is acceptable to the Amazon ebooks Kindle. But you have to format the book further to have a good view.

Listed here are six strategies you can take in using Sigil:

1) Manage parts in your book. Make chapter break as a separator between the chapter. You can use the Squiggle button to make the separation between the section. Perform this step in accordance with the chapter number you have in your own e-books. Then save your work.

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2) Make table of contents for your book: to create a table of contents, simply click the first computer file that appears in the left of the web page. The first segment that you create will soon show up on the main window. Then highlight the title of your book and select "Heading 1" on the menus. Then highlight your name and select "Heading 2" from the available menus. Repeat this way until the end of your e-book. Then save your work.

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3) Make a cover for your e-book: click the first file on the left section and put the mouse cursor just before the first letter of the title. Then use squiggle button to create a new section, click the Insert button on top panel and choose the images you'll use as cover of books. Then save the task.

4) Selecting the most appropriate images for your cover: right click on the left column, select "Add Semantics" and then choose the word "Cover" then scroll down to the bottom until you finally find your image document. After that double-click on the file. Right-click on the picture you just include in your cover and choose the menu "Add Semantics".

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5) Identify book files: right-click on the file in the left column and use the menu "Add Semantics" then click "Title Page". After that repeat this step for every file that you use for example: cover, title page, copyright page, and others. Then save your projects.

6) Recheck structure of your document: select the menu "View" link in the top panel and select the menu "Validation Results". From here you need to choose the menu "Tools" and "Validate Epub". This process is used to check the format of your book whether there is an error structure or otherwise. If errors are found then we can fix this format before we submit and publish it.

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